The Middleton Corpus move in as our artists-in-residence for the duration of 2018

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The Middleton Corpus are a group of contemporary dancers inspired by nature who create a seamless combination of acrobatics and dance, who have moved into Kala Sangam as our Artists-in-residence for the duration of 2018.

The Middleton Corpus were in residence for a week-long residency in 2017, where they worked on their new piece Seedling for Hull Dance Prize 2017.

Read more to see what they had to say about their year-long residency at Kala Sangam:

“I’m incredibly thrilled to be welcomed into Kala Sangam as a resident artist, its a truly exciting, progressive and inspiring organisation and i’m honoured to have such support in the development of my work with ‘theMiddletonCorpus’. We’re looking forward to working with Kala Sangam, to support their own creative aims, as well as expanding our own work, bringing high-quality and inventive acrobatic dance performance to audiences in Bradford and in the northern regions.”

To be given the status of ‘resident artist’ at Kala Sangam, is a very exciting step in the development of our work with ‘theMiddletonCorpus’. Such an investment of support offers real encouragement, in challenging times, for an artist; so all of our dedicated team members at ‘theMiddletonCorpus’ are very grateful for Kala Sangam’s support. Within days of moving into our fantastic office space, we have been welcomed into the building with such warmth, exciting artistic conversations and project planning are beginning, and Kala Sangam is proving to be an inspiring environment and catalyst for us and our work, as we enter 2018. As a company we are beginning to find momentum with our work, with some very exciting plans that will span the next few years, around Bradford and the Northern region, as well as nationally and with our ever-increasing international network of partnerships, and can’t wait for this all to come into fruition.

Stay tuned throughout 2018 for further updates!

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