Creative Workshops

Kala Sangam delivers creative workshops in a range of different art forms. Working alongside professional artists, participants will have the opportunity to learn and develop skills such as leadership, confidence, and teamwork all while gaining a greater understanding of the wider arts world.

Whether it’s to help support a certain school subject or for a fun after school club our creative workshops are great way to engage your students. 

Suitable for all key stages and flexible in regards to prices and timings.

Below we have outlined the types of workshops on offer to discuss anything further contact our Education and Outreach Officer Fay Beesley at  or call (01274) 303340.

Group of people dancing

Dance Workshops

Our Dance workshops will encourage your students to lead a healthy lifestyle and promote positive attitudes to physical activity. We can offer workshops in the following styles :-

Bhangra Dance

With its energetic movement, lively dance style and pounding rhythmic beats. Our Bhangra Dance workshop is a great way for your students to raise their fitness levels, build up their confidence and learn about the Punjabi Culture. Topics we can cover in this workshop include Sikhism, festivals, or celebrations such as Eid or Diwali. This workshop can also include a performance from our professional coaches.

Break Dancing

This athletic dance style is a great way for students to let off steam whilst developing their teamwork and creativity. Participants will work alongside a professional break-dancing crew to learn this athletic dance style and learn about the origins of hip-hop culture. Career talks and short performances by members of the crew are also possible.

Kathak Dance

Known as the storytelling dance, through this workshop participants will learn a mixture of traditional Kathak and western dance techniques to encourage their curiosity and imagination. With links to literature and poetry our Kathak Dance workshops are an exciting way for your students to explore core subjects such as English, Geography and Science. We can also offer CPD workshops for teachers.

Music Workshops

Through our music workshops students will gain a greater understanding of a variety of musical styles and traditions. We offer the following music workshops:


Through this exciting and engaging workshop. Students will work alongside one of our amazing rap artists to create and write their own raps. Our rap workshops are a great way to develop students’ literacy skills as well as help build up their confidence and improve their communication skills.  

Classical Indian Singing/Folk Music

Through our classical Indian singing workshop students will learn and sing Classical Indian songs, as well as learn about Indian music scales and note patterns. Students will also create their own songs to a traditional Indian tune. This workshop will help students develop their listening and team working skills.

Dhol Drumming

Our Dhol drumming workshop is usually accompanied alongside our Bhangra Dance workshop. However, individual drumming workshops are available. Ideally for smaller class sizes or an after-school club. This fun and engaging workshop will allow your students to learn the correct playing techniques and understand the function and history of the Dhol Drum.

Other Art Forms

As well as our Music and Dance workshops Kala Sangam offers a wide range of workshops in other arts forms for more information on these workshops see below:

Visual Arts

By participating in our Visual Arts workshop students will gain experience in a variety of artistic techniques to help grow their creativity. Through this workshop students will work alongside an artist to create a variety of craft products from keyrings to Mandela’s.


This creative and exciting workshop is a great way to engage your students and help them to develop their confidence, teamwork, and literacy skills. Students will learn a variety of drama techniques to create a short performance to share with their peers.


Our poetry workshops are designed to support your student’s speaking and listening skills. By participating in this workshop students will gain an understanding of poetry and how to express their thoughts and feeling through the written word. As well as tips and tricks when it comes to performing.

For more information or to book a workshop please contact Fay, Education and Outreach Officer, at or call (01274) 303340.