Kala Sangam 11th April 2021

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Marketing Assistant Cat Scott exhibits new collaborative artwork at Light Night Leeds 2017

Outside of her day to day activities at Kala Sangam, our Marketing Assistant – Cat Scott has been busy designing an oscillating sculpture, where she has led a team of collaborators to create her new artwork for Light Night Leeds 2017.

In Transition is a new artwork based on research carried out at the University of Leeds, into the wave-particle duality of atoms and gravitational waves and how the atom can be in multiple states at the same time – known as the superposition.

In Transition was created in collaboration with Scientific-Artist – Cat Scott (Bradford), Scientist – Diego A. Quinones (University of Leeds), Mathematician/Hacker – Mark Carney (University of Leeds), Puppeteer/Hacker – Anzir Boodoo (Leeds), Sound Artist – Azlee Babar (Manchester) and Designer Maker – Tom Ward (Bradford).

All collaborators are members of The Superposition collective (Leeds), made up of Artists, Scientists and Makers.

View videos of In Transition here

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