Educationalist Laiqa Sheikh joins Kala Sangam as our newest Trustee

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Laiqa Sheikh is an educationalist and started her career as a teacher in 1982. She has held teaching and management jobs in community arenas, schools, colleges and universities.

She has managed many international projects, published in national and international journals and have participated in many research projects.

She is currently a visiting lecturer at a University in Finland and also works as an educational consultant.

She has been involved in setting up local, national and international forums around education and community issues. She likes to promote activism and takes an active part in local, national and global issues.

Laiqa has been a member of several management committees and Boards, has a passion for learning and believes in empowerment through education, freedom of expression with responsibility and real representation by people themselves.

Laiqa explains why she has joined Kala Sangam as our newest Trustee and what she has to offer to the organisation:
“I have been involved with Kala Sangam in different ways for a number of years and have seen the organisation grow from strength to strength and have enjoyed Kala Sangam’s amazing works and performances immensely. I feel that Kala Sangam has tremendous potential to grow even further and cater for the interests of diverse communities of Bradford and srounding areas. I am pleased to serve as a member of the Kala Sangam board and contribute to its development.”
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