The Audience Agency Appointed to Evaluate our Capital Project

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Following a competitive tender process, we are delighted to announce that we have appointed The Audience Agency to deliver the evaluation for our Capital and Arts & Heritage Project.

Creative Director, Alex Croft said, ‘We are really excited to be working with the Audience Agency to evaluate the impact our capital project will have for us and our partner hubs. Work has already begun, with the whole staff taking part in a session to create the framework for the project.’

The Audience Agency said, “As champions of people centred approaches and with creative practitioner backgrounds, Carly Henderson (Senior Consultant: Co-creation and Participation – The Audience Agency) and Nicky Hatton (Senior Consultant: Participatory Practice, Co-creation and Evaluation – The Audience Agency) are thrilled to be working alongside Kala Sangam to explore the impact of its programme of heritage work being co-curated with communities.

Also working with Catherine Bradley (Senior Consultant – The Audience Agency), we will be evaluating both the potential impact of Kala Sangam’s redevelopment during capital works and after reopening – including the effects the redevelopment has on local economic growth and productivity.

As the local lead, Nicky – from Bradford – has enjoyed meeting and consulting with community groups engaged in the project, to get their input on the evaluation. The Kala Sangam team are warm, welcoming and passionate about making the arts centre more relevant and accessible to its local communities and artists. The timing of the project is exciting with Bradford 2025 around the corner.”  

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