In Britain Today: Creative PSHE Workshops

Creative PSHE workshop 

In Britain Today:

Community, Diversity and Tolerance

In Britain Today is our creative PSHE workshops suitable for KS2 through to KS4. In these workshops participants will get the chance to investigate ideas of community and identity through exciting and engaging drama and storytelling tasks. Alongside curriculum-linked outcomes, this workshop will help to build personal skills such as confidence, self-expression, communication and teamwork.

We are able to offer 2 different workshops, one suitable for KS2 and another for KS3/KS4. For more information about overall content of theses workshops see below.

Suitable for KS2 – KS4

Length – KS2 minimum of 1 hour per class,

KS3/KS4 an hour and a half minimum per class,

We are able to deliver this workshop at your school or at Kala Sangam.

In Britain Today supports the promotion of Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural development in your school, and promotes understanding the four ‘fundamental’ British Values. Key SMSC links are:

  • respect and tolerance for others;
  • understanding that the definition of ‘community’ can be broad and all-encompassing, and individuals can belong to many different communities at once;
  • investigating their own values and understanding the viewpoints of others;
  • exploring cultural influences that have shaped their own heritage and those of others;
  • introduction to laws in place in the UK to protect citizens from discrimination;
  • gaining an understanding the range of different cultures within your school/class, the Bradford district and across the UK;


Through creative movement and storytelling activities participants will explore ideas of community, what it means to have ‘values’ and how our values may affect or influence our behaviour. Creative facilitators will lead pupils through these themes, and enable pupils to actively explore their own identity and that of others and to develop their understanding of modern Britain through specially designed exercises on community, tolerance, and ethnic and religious diversity in the UK. Participants will develop their own ‘codes’ of behaviour in accordance to what is important to them.

KS3 & KS4

For KS3 and KS4 students the workshop will look more in-depth into the themes, ideas and exercises described above. Participants will also investigate the UK laws in place to protect communities and promote tolerance, such as Universal Declaration on Human Rights and UN Convention on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and more, and relate them to modern British life.

For more information, details of the costs involved, or to book a workshop please contact Fay, Education and Outreach Officer, at or on (01274) 303340.