Kala Sangam’s Community work

Kala Sangam’s community projects promote greater understanding and appreciation of the cultural traditions from south Asia through innovative methods, and aim to increase awareness of racial, cultural and social issues.
The company delivers projects across the full range of art forms including global arts in the wider community and the fields of education, health and regeneration to engage, motivate and improve quality of life for some of the most disadvantaged communities.

We provide life-long learning and training through innovative and inclusive artistic activities to address issues such as education and employment as well as social issues such as crime and drug abuse.

Activities particularly target people living in the most deprived districts, people who are at risk of marginalisation, have health issues, or are from ethnic minority communities.

Kala Sangam works closely in partnership with community organisations, the voluntary sector, learning partnerships, LEAs, Youth Centres,  NHS trusts, and healthy living centres to address some of the local. social, youth and and health priorities.

We also collaborate with wide variety of community groups, encouraging the use of artistic activities to support their development and improve their quality of life.