Fireflies at Dawn

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Tuesday 11th June | 7.30pm | The Alhambra Studios | Pay What You Decide

Step into the depths of darkness with us, where every step is a dance of connection. Fireflies at Dawn invites you to embark on a journey of discovery, where emotions take flight and senses awaken to the soft rustle of wings.

This enchanting dance theatre piece weaves together the threads of inclusivity, and self-expression, exploring the richness of our shared humanity and the strength found in our search for connection. This delicate interplay of sound and motion invites you to discover the lived experience of blind and visually impaired people and to pay attention to how we connect to our senses, ourselves and others. Witness the power of vulnerability in this emotional and sensory show.

Co-created and performed by visually impaired and sighted dancers, Fireflies at Dawn continues the company’s investigation into how and why we move and dance. The show uses embedded audio description, sounds, lights and touch as well as innovative new wearable technology, echome – to enhance movement perceptions for both performers and audiences alike.

Join us in this visual and aural experience as we journey through the dark forest, guided by the gentle hum of fireflies, leading us towards more freedom and understanding.

Unbound Dance Theatre is a Community Interest Company that aims to liberate lives through movement.

The company’s mission is to champion inclusivity, connection and expression. Rooted in their work with the blind and visually impaired community, their commitment is to break down barriers and nurture a dance culture where everyone feels recognised, valued and free to express themselves fully.

Creative Team:

Choreographer: Sandrine Monin (in collaboration with the performers)

Composer: Roberto D. Rusconi

Composer (echome): Nikos Stavropoulos

Sound and Movement Interaction Dramaturgy: Maria Kapsali

Sound and movement interaction system (echome): Kingsley Ash

Performers: Helen Davies, Maddie Irwin, Mayowa Ogunnaike, Tammy Tsang, Sue Whitehouse

Creative collaborators: Mercy Andrad, Mark Norman, Seona Mcguinnon, Hannah Rudd, Melina Sofocleous

Producer: Joanna Jowett

Dramaturg: Lou Cope

Photography: Simon K. Allen

Supported by: Arts Council England, Genesis Foundation, Leeds Inspired, Sadler’s Wells, Kala Sangam Arts Centre, Yorkshire Dance, University of Leeds, One Dance UK, BID Services Leeds, Feel Good Factor, Bradford Centre for the Blind, RNIB, BlindAid

Running Time: 1 hour (no interval) + Q&A after the show

Age: Suitable for Age 12+ due to themes of the show, exploring mental health and the challenges of disabilities.

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