Women’s Only Yoga with Ella Tighe

Saturday | 10 – 11am | £5 per class (pay on arrival)

This women’s only yoga class is a 60-minute energising Vinyasa Flow.  

We will move mindfully through a sequence of yoga poses, connecting breath to movement. The class is designed to enable you to feel empowered as you connect to the inner strength of your moving body. We will move with care; listening to our bodies as we go deep into poses and find a sense of balance and ease in movement.  

Expect an upbeat playlist to accompany a steady paced flow. This class is an opportunity to tune in with your body – move, find strength and flexibility in a way which enables you to feel good as you go off into your weekend!  

Classes return on Saturday 7th of January. (There will be no class on the 4th of February)

£5 per class 

Please bring your own yoga mat and pay on arrival, sign up using the button below.

Open to all women, including Transwomen.

About Ella Tighe 

Ella Tighe is a dancer and yoga teacher based in Bradford. She has a a BA in Dance Making & Performance (Cov Uni, UK) and an MA in Performance Practices from ArtEZ (NL). She started practicing Ashtanga Yoga with Ervin Menyhart 10 years ago and undertook a 200-hour teacher training through a traditional Ashtanga apprenticeship route. She took further trainings in Mandala Vinyasa and Rocket with The Yoga People and Tripsichore with Edward Clark. Over the years she has invested in her yoga practice, working with some of the most highly esteemed teachers such as Mark Kan, Eileen Gauthier and Ambra Vallo.


Instagram: @practicewithella  

Image credit: Dave Blackburn Photography, with thanks to Siobhan Davies Dance