Kala Sangam 11th April 2021

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Capital work at Kala Sangam

Kala Sangam is currently going through major refurbishment work.The refurbishment will result in a high quality multi purpose arts facility for all arts, community and business as well as private usage.
The project will refurbish the Indus Hall resolving the load-bearing limitations and making it a fit-for-purpose space suitable for a diverse range of arts and community activities including corporate and private functions. In addition we have created two new glass meeting rooms/arts workshop spaces within the Foyer space which will contribute towards much welcomed additional income generation.
Ajit Singh, Chief Executive, Kala Sangam said:

This project will greatly enhance our proposed centre of excellence for intercultural arts, allowing the muli-art use of all spaces by artists and art companies. It will also cater for private and commercial uses to help generate additional income while helping to sustain the company’s core operations of creating and promoting great arts heritage and culture for all. The new spaces created will also offer new improved spaces to all our community partners, charities and voluntary groups.

Gillian French, Head of Grants, Biffa Award, said:

“This project is an excellent example of how the Landfill Communities Fund can help create industry leading cultural facilities. We’re really excited to see the finished result; the team at Kala Sangam are working really hard to create a really special venue to celebrate the performing arts.”

This project have been funded by WREN, Biffa, Foyle Foundation and Garfield Weston Foundation. We would to like to thank all our funders to make this possible.

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