Nina Rajarani and Srishti: SEVENS

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A new triple bill from one of the UK’s leading choreographers of Indian Dance.
“Rajarani’s take on classical Indian dance is invigorating.” – The Sunday Times

Seven Snags, Seven Steps and Seven Sins explore the sacred and sinful significance of the number Seven

Seven Snags, a flirtatious courtship, the choreographic equivalent of an obstacle race – this fast-paced ensemble is rhythmic, full of exciting dynamics and laced with challenging cross-rhythms.

Seven Steps, a duet by Nina Rajarani MBE and vocalist/composer Y Yadavan, based on ‘saptapadi’ (seven steps) – the most important rite of a Hindu marriage ceremony, with each step, the couple take a vow that is beautiful, simple and timeless.

Seven Sins, the age-old concept of rights and wrongs – performed by the full ensemble of seven dancers and musicians, this thought-provoking, nuanced piece questions the very perception, and challenges what have become social norms.

Thu 21 Oct 2021


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