Kala Sangam 25th November 2017
Creative PSHE & Citizenship Workshops

Creative PSHE & Citizenship Workshops: Diversity and Tolerance

The costs of KS Education packages are flexible and we can work within your budget to create an exciting and informative workshop for your students.

KS1 & KS2

Using creative movement and storytelling participants will explore their own identity in relation to their social and cultural context. Through creative activities and using their own imaginations your pupils will discover and investigate the similarities between themselves and others. Together they will celebrate the things that unite people but also what makes us all unique.

In this workshop participants will:

  • Identify the different social and cultural groups to which they belong.
  • Explore and celebrate what makes us the same as, or different to, others.
  • Learn about the range of ethnic and religious identities in the UK.

Our Creative PSHE & Citizenship workshop for KS1 & KS2 will explore the fundamental British Values of individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance, and will contribute to the promotion of SMSC development in your school.


KS3 & KS4

Using creative movement and storytelling techniques participants will engage with, and respond to, the themes of diversity and tolerance. This presents your students with an opportunity to learn about and reflect on the diverse ethnic and cultural makeup of the UK. Our experienced practitioners will encourage dialogue which promotes inter-cultural learning and respect.

This workshop will address some or all of the following:

  • Learn about ethnic & cultural diversity in the UK.
  • Identify values belonging to different cultural, ethnic & religious groups.
  • Explore similarities and differences between cultural, ethnic & religious groups.
  • Identify their personal values and consider how these values influence the choices we make.
  • Participants will also consider strategies to challenge stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination in the wider community. Practitioners will also explain what laws are in place to protect against discrimination and hate crimes.

Our Creative PSHE & Citizenship workshop for KS3 & KS4 will directly explore the fundamental British Values of individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance and the rules of law, and will contribute to the promotion of SMSC development in your school.


For more information or to book a workshop please contact Marianne Matusz, Education and Outreach Officer, at marianne@kalasangam.org or on (01274) 303340.

Download our full Education Brochure here: KS Education Brochure

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