Kala Sangam 13th December 2019
Case studies & testimonials

Case studies & testimonials

Shay Lane Primary School – Sculpture Project

Shay Lane Primary School in Wakefield asked Kala Sangam to help their year one and two students learn about Holi, India’s Springtime festival of colour. During Holi, people of all ages throw coloured powders at one another. Each different colour has a unique significance. For example, green symbolises harmony, blue is peace, and magenta is new beginnings.

We used sculpture techniques to bring together the colours and symbolism of Holi with the shapes and techniques used by British-Asian sculptor Anish Kapoor. All the pupils contributed to creating a series of large-scale sculptures.

We asked the pupils: ‘What did you learn?’

They told us:
“When I made little sculptures I felt happy”
“I’m feeling good at working on the big sculptures”
“I learned that some colours stand for meanings in India”
“Bright colours make them happy” [colours thrown in Holi]
I learned where India is”
That they throw powders at each other”
I learned what modroc is”
I learned how to stick modroc on”

We asked the pupils: ‘Did you enjoy the session, and why?’

They told us:

“I liked sprinkling and putting the glue on and I liked moulding them in”
“I learned how to make sculptures and stick things to them”
“I learned how not to get dirty”
“Yes, because I got my hands dirty”
“Yes, because it was sticky”
“Yes, because it was fun”
“I enjoyed making stuff”

Bradford Grammar School – Faith Education Day

Bradford Grammar School asked Kala Sangam to provide a full day of activities to support their annual inter-faith day for their year nine pupils. Working with artists on Islamic calligraphy, classical Indian dance Sikh devotional music, Kala Sangam delivered a programme of performances and activities that helped the students to understand different faiths through the mediums of music, dance and visual arts.

What the teachers said:

“We would like to always keep links with Kala Sangam – the possibility of Indian dance at Bradford Grammar School would be of great interest and benefit to the school.

“All three workshops offered a variety of practical activities and relayed knowledge and ideas to the students in a very creative and innovative ways. It has been a very exciting experience. The practical aspects were especially enjoyed.”

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