Kala Sangam 29th January 2020
Kids Camp Term And Conditions
KS Arts Camp Agreement
KS Arts Camp is committed to ensuring that all participants have an exciting and rewarding time within a safe environment while attending the Arts Camp. We make sure that all our staff is DBS checked. This also requires the active co-operation and satisfactory behaviour of everyone involved to ensure that the enjoyment of all is unimpaired. It is essential, therefore, that KS Arts Camp is given all relevant information with regard to a young person’s background. By signing this agreement we are asking you to confirm that all information provided by you is accurate and that you agree to all of the points below:
Parent or Guardian:
  • I give permission for this young person to participate in all activities.
  • I have given full detailed information relating to any medical and dietary needs of the young person.
  • In the event of an emergency where neither I, as parent/guardian nor my alternative contact can be reached, I agree to medical and dental treatment being given to young person in accordance with the recommendations of a qualified medical practitioner (all treatment charges incurred will be passed on to the parent/guardian)

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