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Nav Utsav

Navaratri or the ‘nine nights’ when one seeks knowledge, wealth and power leading to the victorious “Dussehra” is celebrated with great victorious “Dussehra” is celebrated with great zeal all over India.

Vijay Venkat, the Artistic  Associate of Kala Sangam is a multi-instrumentalist and a innovative composer.
Vijay specialises in south Indian classical (Carnatic) music with good command of north Indian classical, western Art and Jazz styles.  He is a Carnatic vocalist and also displays his virtuoso in the violin, violas, flute and vichitra veena.

The fretless Indian lute or the Vichitra Veena is an instrument which demands great skill and precision and very few artists are able to master this intriguing instrument and Vijay is one of these rare Vichitra Veena artists who we are delighted to present in Nav Utsav.

Vijay presents the compositions of nine composers in nine ragas to celebrate the festival of the nine nights and the festival of lights Diwali and is accompanied by Pirashanna Thevarajah on the Mridangam.

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