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Past Community Projects

Past Community Projects

Youth Music 

Yuva Sangeet

Oct 14 to Feb 15


The Youth Music Programme aimed to work with young people from Bradford up to the age of 18 who

  • have Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties; or
  • are currently in the Youth Justice system; or
  • are looked after; or
  • are currently NEET.


The aim of the programme was to invite young people to develop their creative, expressive and musical ability which helped support them develop resilience to the challenging circumstances they find themselves in and increase their engagement with positive opportunities.

This opportunity was available for up to 100 young people in Bradford.

Arts Award element of project:

There are undoubted benefits of having the Arts Awards as an element and outcome of the project. It shaped the delivery of the final phase/extension and the participants enjoyed the challenges it presented. With the extension approval we were able to work with the young people at Brathay and help guide them in putting their portfolios together. Although they had been part of the workshops in previous phases, the young people had not collated any evidence for the folders. Over this period we offered two evenings, Wednesday and Friday, as some of the young people had commitments therefore providing two options to meet worked for everyone.


From October 2014 to January 2015 the young people:

  • Recapped on previous sessions they had and put evidence in Part A of folders.
  • We booked Stella Litras, a Songwriter/Musician, for an additional 7 workshops for those who had not had over 30 hours contact time with an artist.
  • For Part B we as a group went to see ‘Caution Collective’ in Leeds to be part of an audience then wrote up on the event.
  • For Part C we researched an individual Musician/Artist that we were inspired by then wrote an A4 report on them.
  • For our showcase, Part D the young people planned and performed a gig in Leeds at Café bar 212. We had over 60 people attend this and the YP raised over £350.00 for charity.

Legacy created by Arts Award element of project:

  • Young people’s confidence just elevated by the end performance.
  • Young people are keen to have a CD created of the songs sung at the event, which again will raise further money for charity.
  • Six young people fully completed Bronze Arts Awards, which showed them that they are very capable and talented individuals.
  • Personally the biggest achievement for me is the six young people are now keen to complete the Silver Arts Awards.


Ernest Cook and Sovereign Health Care

Creative Kids KS2 programme

October to December 2014


Introduction to this project

This project was developed to work with schools through South Asian arts – music, dance, visual arts and storytelling where professional artists worked with young children in a school setting leading to mini performances in the schools and a showcase with all four classes was held at St Peter’s House, Kala Sangam.  The project provided high quality creative experiences for children and young people.

What the project aimed to do:

The project aimed to work with 4 classes over a number of sessions on a specific Jataka Tale

(a collection of South Asian fables). Children took part in workshops in Music, dance, Visual arts & storytelling to create their own performances.

Key Target groups:

  • Key Stage 2 level children
  • 28/35 young people from each school working in groups of 14/17 (total = 128)
  • A mixture of schools and children from schools in inner and outer locations
  • Schools with children from a range of backgrounds, e.g. including of Muslim, Sikh and white British origins.
  • Schools with and without previous participation in this sort of arts and learning experiences.


District wide Project (Health project)

April 2014 to Sept 2014

The last 3 groups we worked with

OLDER POLISH GROUP – Increasing Wellbeing and Self-Worth


This project worked with older Polish men and women at The Polish Community Centre in Bradford. The majority of the group were frail and had on going health problems.

The group created different creative items each week for the centre and for themselves, including textiles with fruit and vegetable designs, heart shaped cushions, welcome sign in Polish for the centre and silk painted light boxes. They used traditional Polish designs and techniques such as fabric painting/printing, stencilling, rubber stamping, collage, silk painting.

The participants found the sessions beneficial to their wellbeing as it kept their minds busy and they felt they had a purpose.



Increasing knowledge of healthy lifestyles and increasing confidence to teach this to others.


HPPS is in a deprived area of Bradford where the community faces a lot of challenges. This 13 week project worked with Mums at HPPS focusing on different health issues such as healthy eating and healthy lifestyles.

The project was welcomed by the adults and some fantastic work was produced as a result. The women learnt about the eat well plate, portion sizes, recommended daily exercise. The information learnt was created into in a textile wall hanging produced and two creative light boxes. These are now displayed at HPPS to promote healthy lifestyles and encourage children and parents to implement healthy eating in their daily lives.

There were many positive outcomes as a result of this project including: parents interacting with one another, sharing knowledge and experiences; learning about health in a fun creative way and passing on this information in a similar fun, creative way to their children.



Family learning and participating project increasing knowledge of healthy eating and physical exercise


This powerful, 13 session project took place in a safe home working with mums and children of different ages. The project explored healthy eating and physical exercise; the children took a real interest in learning about the size of portions and how these could be measured according whilst the adults showed an interest in learning about recommended exercise.

Participants explored different visual art techniques and activities included creating two creative health light boxes, tie-dye bags promoting health, canvases, tie and dye aprons, glass painting.

This was a very effective family learning project and had a huge impact on the children at the safe home with many of them implementing healthy eating into their daily lives. One mum said “This project has been good, my children didn’t eat fruit and veg before, they always went for crisps when they felt hungry, now I see them going straight for the fruit bowl, they measure their potions in the palm of their hand and it’s good to see how they encourage one another.”

It also had an impact on the adults’ emotional wellbeing with one participant commenting “This project’s been really good for me, the creative workshops have been very therapeutic, it allowed me to forget my problems”

Another Mum said “My children really enjoyed this project, they didn’t want to go to school today and cried all the way there, they wish it was still the summer holidays so they could take part”.

Kala Sukoon Arts & Well Being (2006-2008 & 2008-2010)

This two-year creativity and mental health programme aimed to promote inner peace and social connection through art, providing a wide range of artistic activities to groups at risk of, or suffering from, mental illness.

This project targeted hard to reach communities or those not taking up support services. The project was run in collaboration with the Pals team at Dewsbury Hospital and was funded through Llankelly & Chase Charity.

Kala Taal Healthy Hearts Through Arts (2008)

Kala Sangam worked in partnership with Bradford City Primary Care Trust and West Bowling Community Health Action Partnership to devise and deliver an ‘Arts for Health’ programme addressing issues concerning the prevention and reduction of coronary heart disease. The aims of the Kala Taal programme were to use creative activities to raise awareness and reduce the risk of heart disease through influencing healthy diet and lifestyle choices.

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