Kala Sangam 28th August 2015
Past Community Projects

Past Community Projects

Kala Sukoon Arts & Well Being (2006-2008 & 2008-2010)

This two-year creativity and mental health programme aimed to promote inner peace and social connection through art, providing a wide range of artistic activities to groups at risk of, or suffering from, mental illness.

This project targeted hard to reach communities or those not taking up support services. The project was run in collaboration with the Pals team at Dewsbury Hospital and was funded through Llankelly & Chase Charity.

Kala Taal Healthy Hearts Through Arts (2008)

Kala Sangam worked in partnership with Bradford City Primary Care Trust and West Bowling Community Health Action Partnership to devise and deliver an ‘Arts for Health’ programme addressing issues concerning the prevention and reduction of coronary heart disease. The aims of the Kala Taal programme were to use creative activities to raise awareness and reduce the risk of heart disease through influencing healthy diet and lifestyle choices.

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