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Past Events By Kala Sangam

 YEAR:  2016




Sounds of Sitar

Saturday 24th September (7pm) 


In collaboration with the World Curry Festival, we are delighted to present an evening of soulful sitar and tabla by nationally reputed artists Mehboob Nadeem and Manjit Singh Rasia respectively.

Mehboob hails from an illustrious family of traditional musicians from the Agra Gharana, and is the grandson of legendary singers Ustad Vilayat Hussain Khan (Pranpiya) and Gayan Samrat Ustad Azmat Hussain Khan (Dilrang).
Based in London, Mehboob is a widely respected sitar player and a leading exponent of the present generation of the Vilayatkhani Gharana,  a style which mirrors the lyrical quality of the human voice. Throughout his performances, Mehboob’s imagination creates an uncanny immersive landscape that establishes a fine balance between his soulful lyricism and compelling rhythms. Alongside being a performer, Mehboob is a passionate teacher. For further information about Mehboob, please visit: www.mehboobnadeem.com

Manjit Singh Rasia, one of the UK’s finest Indian percussionists excels not only in his main instrument, the tabla, but also in Latin and Afro-Cuban drumming putting him on the world music platform. Manjit has worked with renowned musicians from India such as the late Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Shivamani, and Jagjit Singh and also performed percussion arrangements for several films including Bride & Prejudice and West End musicals Bombay Dreams and Rafta Rafta.


Our partner, the World Curry Festival is a vibrant, fun and fresh event that brings people together in celebration of their love of food, culture and entertainment.

For further information on the World Curry Festival, please visit


Mystic Moments

Thursday the 14th of July (7pm)



 Poetry is one of the most useful expressions of a mystic’s inner experiences. By nature, a mystic is able to access a state of consciousness that is beyond the usual awareness of humanity. At a certain stage mystics and great seekers have said that it is impossible to describe the consciousness they have attained. However through poetry it is possible for the mystic poets to give a glimpse of higher worlds, like a finger pointing to the moon there inspiring utterances offer a poetic description of their elevating experiences. Kala Sangam is delighted to initiate regular reading of Mystic poetry which will transport one into Mystical Moments.

We will feature multi-lingual mystical poets of the world and each month we will present a new one! All are welcome to read and share their poetry!

Join us to enjoy poems of mystical poets !


Seasons of Life

Saturday the 18th of June (7 – 7.45 pm and 8 – 8.45 pm)


Cobbles and Clay Café

70 Main Street, Haworth,


BD22 8DP

A Bronte’s Museum and Kala Sangam collaborative creation.

Kala Sangam artists shall weave a physical tapestry of movement, music and spoken word in response to the lyrical treasures of the Bronte sisters. Through the art of an expressive language of hand gestures and physical patterns in space, we will offer a novel inter-cultural performance filled with unique aesthetics from the South Asian tradition of performing arts.


Dance Divine

Saturday 4th June (7pm)

Dance.Divine web

A Spoken-word, Dance and Music Performance

Harrogate Studio Theatre,

Oxford Street,



The ‘Dance Divine’ by Kala Sangam is a unique production on the Japanese Goddess of light. The production presents varied fascinating movements, poignant words of wisdom and wit, eloquent hand gestures and soulful music to describe the divine presence of ‘sunlight’ in the life of a common man, capturing the importance of the Sun as a female energy and her deification as a ‘Divine Cosmic Being’


Passage to Punjab

14th May (7pm)

Passage.to.Punjab web

We welcome the great festival of Baisakhi with the sounds of the Dhol by the energetic Punjabi Roots Academy followed by ‘Bhangra Renaissance’ a stunning art and photographic exhibition exploring the story of the Indian harvest celebration which has inspired a global dance and music scene. This work curated by Hardeep Singh Sahota includes superb photography by Tim Smith, art by Sara Rizvi and artist and illustrator Zara Hussain. This will be followed by an illuminating talk on ‘Textiles of Punjab’ by Dr. Nima Poovaya-Smith, the Director of Alchemy Anew.

This evening we are also delighted to present the book launch ‘ The Future of UK Sikhs – a Bradford City Story’ which presents a futuristic view of the Sikh community. The author, Dr Ramindar Singh, an established writer and a respected member of the Sikh community aims to generate some discussion within the community, its institutions and their leadership about how best to meet the new challenges that meet the younger generation.

Ramindar Singh will be present to sign copies of the book and also have a discussion with the audience.



Kala Kriti ‘Sthree’

16th April (7pm)


Arunima Kumar is an award winning and versatile Kuchipudi performer, choreographer and teacher. She is known as a thought leader of her generation for her innovative, cutting edge and engaging performance style. Arunima is a disciple of eminent gurus Jaya Rama Rao and Vanashree Rao and has also learnt from Swapnasundari.

Her dance company AKDC (Arunima Kumar Dance Company) is UKs largest Kuchipudi academy and is a recognised nationally and internationally.

Sthree – The Divine Trio, in the idiom of neo-classical Kuchipudi, features specially commissioned text and music. Rati, Sita & Sati are worshipped as Goddesses in Hindu mythology. Each is different in Her identity, physicality and mythical journey, yet, as wives and women, they are united in a shared narrative of love, duty and self-sacrifice. The Bronte Trio have reflected the same ethos through their moving poems and this will be woven through Arunima’s Sthree and celebrate womanhood, especially the Bronte sisters.



Soul’s Serenade

28th November (7pm)

soul's serenade


A joyous evening of songs presented by Christella Litras’ ‘Caution Collective’ with Rob Green – the ‘Soul Prince of Nottingham’, Yorkshire’s Tila and Tavelah, Marion Zubryzycki, Cherrie Kyrann, Jonnie Khan, a guest act by Vijay Venkat of Kala Sangam and many others.

Kala Utsav 2015

7th November (6pm)


Kala Sangam’s Academy reputed for its high quality teaching learning programme is delivered in its Bradford based centre and at the outreach classes in partnership with other are and community organisations. We celebrate the achievements of the young people in an evening filled with colourful dance, music and poetry.

Kala Kavis

30th October (7pm)


The Beehive Poets area small but open group formed in 1999 who met weekly at the new Beehive Inn on the Westgate, Bradford. Being a mutually supportive group, they provide a respectful platform for poets and newcomers are welcomed by the group.

Khadijah Ibrahim, born in Leeds of Jamaican parentage is hailed as one of the most prolific poets by BBC Radio. She has appeared alongside the likes of Linton Kwesi Johnson, Lemn Sissay and Benjamin Zephaniah. She is a literary activist, researcher, educator and Artistic director of Leeds Young Authors. Educated at the University of Leeds, she has a BA Honours in Arabic and Middle Eastern studies and a MA in Theatre Studies. Her recent collection was published in 2014 by Peepal Tree Press.

Dance Divine

23rd October (7pm)


The ‘Dance Divine` by Kala Sangam is a unique production on Amarterasu – the Japanese Goddess of Light. The production present fascinating movements, poignant words of wisdom and wit, eloquent and soulful music to describe the divine presence of ‘sunlight` in the life of the common man, capturing the importance of the Sun as a female energy and her veneration as a ‘divine cosmic being`.

Nasheed (chants) – An Evening of Praise

10th October ( 7pm)

Nof V 600 copy

Nationally reputed musicians perform on an evening of musical chants and praise to the Almighty through the genre Nasheed music. This concert is a collaboration between Kala Sangam and Inspire Futures Foundation.

Vibes of Varanasi

1st October (7:30pm) York 

3rd October (7pm) KS

6th October (6:30pm) London


The concert features a Hindstani vocal recital followed by the rare Jaltarang, which is a percussive melodic instrument, played on the water filled bowls(Musical Bowls).

Dr. Acharyais one of the foremost exponents of Indian classical music from the celebrated Gwalior musical linage hailing from the famous city of Benares(Varanasi), India. He holds a Doctorate degree from Benares Hindu University for his research in music. He has taught many musicians for the past 27 years. He is a convener of major festivals. He is an expert in vocal, Jaltarang and Santoor – the 100 stringed Dulcimer.

Psandit Sanju Sahai is one of the finest and most sought after Tabla player and belongs to the Benares musical linage. A child prodigy, he gave his first Tabla solo performance for a major festival in Benares at the age of 9 and later graduated in music. A phenomenal and outstanding Tabla player, he is well known for captivating his audience with his audience with his power, virtuosity and complete spontaneity. He has collaborated with many musicians of world musical genres.


Golden Moments

26th September 7pm).


Kala Sangam is pleased to present Australia’s GOLD Company (Growing Old Gracefully) in an evening of dance and film. This is the beginning of a great international partnership with groundbreaking community dance company of mature individual who defy the preconception that dance is only for the young. They will perform a range of works that celebrate the power of ageing with particular focus inspired by India. The GOLD tour of the UK is an example of their free, fun loving spirits – self funded with love and passion for the dance and communication.


The films screened this evening will have a nostalgic look back in time to the music greats such as Nat King Cole, Cliff Richard, Elizabeth Cameron Dalman to celebrate the International Year of Light and cross-culture dialogue. It will also explore the writings of Ahmed Kathrada who was in prison alongside Nelson Mandela for 26 years and from the Sydney based filmmaker Sue Healey showing the transformative power of dance


Gems of Little Germany Exhibition Launch

25th July  (6pm)


Mathew Schofield, an upcoming artist natural thematic art is very interesting was encouraged by Kala Sangam to exhibit the reflections of the wonderful historic buildings of Little Germany through his creative sketches.

Geoff Latz, a Bradford based artist specialises in creating intricate artistic pieces, often reflective of historic artifacts.

His passion for history and the great minds of the past are evident in his works which have been exhibited in many galleries in UK. With his unconventional methodology and the use of upscaled materials, Geoff manages to create some truly inspiring pieces from what would otherwise go to waste.

Kala Sangam is pleased to present Geoff’s works to complement the Gems of Little Germany.


Double Bill of Dance and Music

11th July  (7pm – 9.30pm)

Raga Abhinaya: Bharatanatyam Dance P

Eva Isolde Balzer


Eva Isolde Balzer is an internationally working theatre performer, theatre director and Bharatanatyam dancer with a degree in cultural Anthropology has been learning Classical Indian Dance Theatre in Chennai and Berlin since 2006. Her interests in the challenges of post-colonial perspectives resulted in performances such as Hybrid Identities,’ and Santosham. Her solo ‘BalaPina2’ created in that context was presented in the finals Germany’s best dance solo

Eva teachers include Sangeeta Ishwaran and Srilatha Vinodh. She also collaborates with Johanna Devi Dance Company, who creates contemporary dance using techniques of Bharatanatyam.

Yoga and Eva will present three different melodic structures (Carnatic ragas) with a focus on their emotive qualities and explore the characteristics of the ragas and its link to the emotional states and general nature of characters depicted in dance.

This will be followed by the rendition of a story-telling (abhinaya) dance-theatre piece in each raga depicting a variety of heroines such as a shy young woman in love, the devotee who attempts to lure the divine to manifest; and the daring heroine, who challenges the social code of conducts in her society.

Carnatic Vocal: South Indian Classical Music Concert

Manickam Yogeswaran


The origins of South Indian music are traced to prehistoric times and form a favorite subject for sculptors, painters and the authors of ancient Tamil and Sanskrit texts.

‘Music was cultivated by nobility and common people alike’.

Art music is an amalgamation of different regional or indigenous styles and is being studied worldwide due to its continuity and an infinite variety that it offers.

Carnatic or south Indian music, in Sanskrit Karnataka Sangeetam denotes traditional music and in Tamil it is known as Tamil Isai.

Yogeswaran, a singer and multi-instrumentalist in this genre of music has trained with “Sangita Kalanidhi” T. V. Gopalkrishnan.

Yogeswaran has appeared in festivals such as BBC Proms, Womad, Glastonbury, Montreaux Jazz Festival, Sacred Music Festival – Berlin and the Spitalfields Festival London and performed with many renowed orchestras such as the London Philharmonic, BBC Symphony, Bergen National, Italian Turin and Scottish Symphony.

He has ongoing performances at the December music festival in Chennai and has rendered the ancient Thirukkural by poet Thiruvalluvar in 133 ragas. Yoga promotes the process of peace and reconciliation in Sri Lanka through his CD and performance titled Peace For Paradise and also performs under the banner of Manickam Yogeswaran and band.


Flights of Fantasy

20th June (7pm)


Inspired by Richard Bach’s Jonathan Livingston Seagull, whose story enthuses us to follow our dreams, we recreate this through a spoken word, dance and audio- visual performance.  For most south Asian men, dancing is unusual and if at all, it is simply of dancing for fun or a means of entertainment.

However, for Kanthan, a young man from a traditional rural background, dance is not yet another dream but something, which he wishes to follow and make it his life itself.

Against the conventions of a traditional south Asian family, this young man seeks to find a higher purpose through his dance form and seeks to become the best at doing what he loves.


Bradford Festival: Jazz in the City – Rhythms Ensemble

14th (3pm to 4pm)


Kala Sangam brings together a group of 6 prominent UK based percussionists from various musical backgrounds and styles to give you a feast of an exciting range of rhythms from various parts of the world. Each one of them, with an international touring career, will Jazz you with their dizzying percussion expertise as part of the grand Bradford Festival in the City Park, Bradford. This ensemble will feature European drums, South American, Persian and percussion from the Indian sub- continent as well as some challenging vocalised rhythms!


Dance Drama: Hima Sundari

Kalachethena Kathakali Company

7th (2pm)


The Kathakali version of the Snow White shows a young Princess, Hima Sundari who wins the heart of a Prince, but her evil step mother, who is also the Queen, being jealous of Hima Sundari’s beauty and grace destroys her.

Hima Sundari is eventually revived by the dedicated love of the Prince to prove that love conquers evil.



(Hindi film with English subtitles)

16th May 7pm


Cinémathèque Bradford is an initiative by Bill Lawrence and Roy Stafford. Its first programme is part-funded by a grant from Film Hub North in Sheffield, part of the BFI Film Audience Network.

Our intention with Cinémathèque Bradford is to maintain the provision of film screenings of specialised films, especially foreign language and smaller independent films in Bradford and to provide film education activities including introductions, notes, discussions and day schools/evening classes for the general public.


Dir. Samruddhi Porey, India 2014, 117 mins (U)

Nana Patekar, Sonali Kulkarni, Mohan Agashe.

The closing night film of the 2014 London Indian Film Festival, Hemalkasa is an inspirational biopic follows the selfless journey of

Dr. Prakash Baba Amte and his wife Dr. Mandakini Amte, a couple who dedicated their lives for the development of tribal people of Maharashtra, India, in the toughest of conditions with little or no support from the establishment. The project, located at Hemalkasa, eventually led to the formation of a free hospital, a free residential school and an orphanage for injured wild animals. For their pioneering efforts, the Amtes were accorded the prestigious Magsasay Award for Community Leadership. Nana Patekar and Sonali Kulkarni deliver the performance of their lives in this outstanding example of the best Indian independent cinema. Incredibly moving, the film will leave you with a tear in your eye, a fond smile on your lips and an immediate desire to improve the world that we live in.


Scenes from the Big Screens

2nd May (7pm)

Scenes from the Big Screens - YSA Performance

The Yorkshire School of Acting has become one of the most successful acting training institutions in the country. The enthusiastic young actors meet weekly to create work at Kala Sangam under the baton of their director Matt Zina.

Join us for an evening of dramatic art, taking some of the most loved and well-known TV and Film scenes and performing them in their own enigmatic style.


Double Bill of Exhibition and Music – Holamahalla

18th (7pm – 9.30pm)

Holamahalla Darshan Singh-2


Darshan Singh, a filmmaker / photographer travelled to Anandpur, India to capture the vibrant ‘Hola Mahalla’, a festival showcasing the spiritual and warrior qualities of the Sikh faith through a series of events.

This documentary and exhibition offers an insight into a world rarely experienced. Using prints and original artwork in the exhibition with an accompanying documentary gives a snapshot of the skilled horsemen and swordsmen and their ancient warrior techniques of the festival in all its glory.


Jasdeep Singh Degun, an upcoming Leeds based Sitarist studied Indian Classical vocals from a young age and started learning the Sitar when he was 15. Acquiring a deep insight into the art of Indian Classical music, Jasdeep continues this with his teacher, Ustad Dharambir Singh MBE. Jasdeep’s passion for music shines through his dedication towards teaching and performance.

Jasdeep has participated in many important events such as a BBC2 documentary, Goldie’s Band at Buckingham Palace , the United Nations opening of the Amphitheatre in Doha, Qatar led by film composer Vangelis, the Royal Albert Hall for BBC Proms to showcase his own original compositions.

Jasdeep has also worked with other genres musicians such as Guy Chambers, Cerys Matthews, and Melanie C resulting in his well-rounded sense of musicality and sensitivity.

Accompanying him on the Tabla is John Ball, a dedicated and experienced performer and teacher of North Indian music specialising in both tabla and santoor. John has the trained in different renowned gharanas, namely Pandit Yogesh Samsi of Punjab, the late Ustad Faiyaz Khan of Delhi and Professor Sudhir Saxena of Ajrara. He is currently World Musician in Residence at University of Sheffield where he teaches Indian music in the Ethnomusicology Department.


Sagara Sangaman

21st March (6:30pm)

Sagara Sangaman, 1983 Telugu film directed by K. Viswanath starring Kamal Haasan, Jayaprada is listed among CNN-IBN’s list of hundred land mark Indian films of all time and a treat especially for lovers of dance and music.



28th Jan (7pm)

The title JHAM! Is one of the rhythmic vocally percussive South Indian solkattu or syllabic recitation used in dance and also allude the idea of a musical jam a feeling of improvisation and collaboration, the musicians and dancers working off one another to produce something new and exciting. This upbeat, playful and energetic work highlights the rhythmic play between the ancient and the modern.


Kala Samarpan

14th Feb (10am – 6pm)

Performance of dance, music and spoken word will be presented throughout the day to celebrate Maha Shivrathri and seek the blessings of the lord Shiva the lord of Arts.

This event was presented as Kala Jagran – an all-night event, but to accommodate everyone’s needs we are presenting as a whole day event so we look forward to welcoming everyone again!


Songs of Spring

24th Jan 8pm

Rakesh trained with reputed teachers and presently teaches Hindustani Vocal, Harmonium and keyboard for the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Manchester.

Rakesh specialises in rendering a variety of songs and is much sought after in Europe and Asia. Being a composer, Rakesh is also the Artistic Director of Raga Jyothi and leads Shakti Vrund UK, the music group which performs the traditional music of Gujirat.

Performance of dance, music and spoken words will be presented throughout the day to celerbrate Maha Shivrathri and seek the blessing of Lord Shivathe lord of Arts.

This event was presented as Kala Jagranan all night event, but to accommodate everyone’s need we are presenting this as a we hole day event so we look forward to welcoming everyone again!

Colours of Spring

24th Jan (7pm)

Silk Painting

Jane Carlisle Bellerby specialises in hand painted silk collages mainly depicting stylised landscapes. Her painting is influenced by artists of various genres, nature and Yorkshire Dales.

Varli Painting

Ramya Tangirala is a Leeds based artist who specialises in oil and watercolour and has worked as an Art teacher in school. Ramya presents her works of Varli paintings which is a tradition of the Varli tribe for east India dating back to the 10th century.






 YEAR:  2014

Box Office

Nav Utsav

29th Nov (7pm)

Navaratri or the `nine nights` when one seeks knowledge, wealth and power leading to the victorious, “Dussehra” is celebrated with great zeal all over India.

Vijay, a multi-instrumentalist and a composer proficient in several, musical genres , specialising in south Indian classical (Caranatic) music with good command  of north Indian classical, western Art and Jazz styles.

Vijay presents the composition of nine composers to celebrate the festival of the nine nights and the festival of light Diwali and accompanied by Prishanna Theverajah on the Mridangam.


Journeying with the Christmas Story

21st Nov (7:30pm) 

Sue Symmons’ masterpiece `One man’s Journey to Heaven` als o known  as the bath Abbey Diptychs, is an awe-inspiring work of art and craft depicting  the life Christ in pairs of sumptuous decorated panels; a combination of needle work, hand drawn lett4ering in, illumination and calligraphy. The Cathedral exhibits the Advent and Christmas series of the Diptychs.

In the evening of music, dance and storytelling based on One Man’s Journey to Heaven, Kala Sangam joins forces with local story teller Fred Stone to present a multi—media, multi-ethnic and multi-art interpretation of the Bath Abbey Diptychs on display at the Cathedral.


Kala Utsav 2014

8th Nov (6pm)

Kala Sangam ‘s Academy is reputed for its high quality teaching learning programme which is delivered in its Bradford base centre and at the outreach classes in partnership with other art and  community organisations. We celebrate the achievements in this showcase, of the learners and those of other companies in an evening filled with colourful dance music.

The Dance Divine

30th Oct (7:30pm)

The Dance Divine is an evening of varied fascinating movements, poignant word of wisdom and wit, eloquent hand gestures and soulful music to describe the divine presence of sunlight in the life of a common, capturing the importance of the sun as a female energy and her deification as a divine cosmic being.

Kala Sangam is delighted to present Shrikant Subramaniam as the story teller/dancer joined by dancer Nrithya Rammohan and the multi-talented musician Vijay Venkat in this special production for the NCEM to celebrate the York Illuminate Festival and the Indian festival of lights `Diwali`.



18th Oct (7pm)

Salaam literally means peace and celebrates the auspicious fe3stival of Eid.

Sonia Sabri Company beautifully crafts an intricate dialogue of Kathak dance and live music inspired by the works 13th Century Sufi Saint and musicologist Hazarat Amir Khusrao.

Kathak is an exhilarating dance experience an astounding display of precise footwork, Eloquent gesture, rapid turns and intricate, heart pounding rhythms. Internationally acclaimed for her electric stage presence and distinctive personal style, Sonia revisits the classical roots of Kathak in a high-impact performance which embraces a rich, joyful spirit and builds to heart-pounding rhythmic crescendo.

The stunning production features evocative live music for ensemble of musicians including sarangi, vocal, and table from the world renowned maestro Savar Sabri.


INDIKA – The Show

26th Sept – 5th Oct

Featuring vibrant choreography to a hauntingly beautiful score, this joyous production brings together on stage, a whirlwind of colours and a abundance of energy.

An international cast includes 24 talented young dancers from India including finalist form India’s dancing superstar (IDS) and India’s got talent (IGT),  a West End based live band will create magic on stage.

Kala Sangam is delighted to provide the music output through our Artistic Associate –  Vijay Venkat while Dr Gheeta Upadhyaya, the Artistic Director has been invited to direct this unique show which will be performed in English.

Indika promises a feat for your senses and an utterly enjoyable unforgettable evening for the family – don’t miss Indika!


Geeth and Ghazals

6th Sept (8pm)

This year is observed as the centenary year of the great singer Begun Akthar and we and honoured to delicate this event in her memory.

Dr Naheed’s singing is based on the Asian classical music for which she has achieved formal training by a number of renowned Ustads. Depends being a busy Padiatrician she shares a passion for semi classical singing including Geeth and Ghazals for which she has won national awards as well as recorded music programmes on Asian Radio and Television.

We promise you an enjoyable evening with the delightful flavours of Asina music where Naheed will be accompanied n the keyboard by Ismail Khan and on the table by Rizwan Khan.


Love Actually 

Date: 6th Sept (7pm)

Lord Richard-Fouad Macleod is an international Arabic Calligraphy artist whose family history can be traced back to Lebanon and Turkey.He is a modest man , who much prefers the simple dresses of Richard over his formal title. As a child, he studied Arabic Calligraphy in Saudi Arabia under the auspices of his father, who  became an accomplished artists and calligrapher fervently encouraged  son’s growing interest. Richard is currently studying for his masters in Arabic Calligraphy, relating specifically to its design and its influence  on cultural  Islamic-British identity, a deeply intriguing and thoroughly relevant topic which draws profound parallels across the many varied fields of  artistic endeavor and reveals , with breathtaking clarity, the broad and powerful influences which the world of artistic  expression exercises over everyday life.


Aadi Shankara – The Guru: Carnatic Music, Story Telling and Bharathanatyam

Date: 31st May (7pm)

aadi shankara web size

Adi  Shankara was a well received  multil genre and undoubtedly an  inter- cultural   spoken word performance directed by Dr Geetha Upadhyaya – the artistic director of Kala Sangam.The production encompassed of professional actors , musicians , dancers and amateur theatre practitioners who are training to become  full – fledged actors in the wider professional scene of  British theatre.The production had a unique process of staging each and every scene through mutual discussions between the dancers , musicians and the actors.The amateur actor  Ryan Kitson had a series of rehearsals to work with a dancer story teller Shrikant Subramaniam to develop a professional relationship between two artists who are absolutely passionate about the power and effective use of the English Language and  every effort was made by the actors  to divulge  several poignant emotions through words.The  dancers and the  actors interacted intelligently through mime and words to  transcend the true nature ,   the beauty  and  the vital role of the characters and the main teachings of Adi Shankara  in the play.

Tales of Textiles – The Loom of Love ( A mother’s unconditional love is woven in a magical mystical loom): Carnatic Music, Bharathanatyam and Storytelling

Date: 6th June (7:30 pm)

Cathedral Event June-155

Kala Sangam collaborated with Bradford Cathedral in presenting this spoken word dance performance to celebrate the spirit of colours and the textures of fabric. The story is based on the 8th-9th century Indian mythology Mahabharatha, the longest poem ever written and roughly ten times the length of the lliad and the Odyssey combined.


Sacred strings: Gurmat sangeet, Gurbanii Kirtan or Naad Yoga

Date: 1st Feb (7pm)

sacred string web size

Raj Academy’s mission is to revive and share the timeless wisdom given to mankind through the discipline known as “Gurmat Sangeet”, “Gurbani Kirtan” or “Naad Yoga” which has the potential to heal and awaken the inner consciousness of a human being.



The Colours of Holi: Photographic Exhibition by Matthew Page

Date: 1st Feb – 31st April

colours of holi web image

Matthew Page is a UK based award-winning editorial and travel photographer. As a part of Matthew’s ongoing ‘Colours’ series, he travelled to the sacred , holy town, of Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh (India), to document the Holi festival.


Year: 2013


CATHEDRAL: Celebrating Christmas

Date: 7th December (1.30 pm)

Celebrate Christmas-7.12.2013

Kala Sangam in Partnership with Bradford Cathedral, bring together to create a beautiful spectacle for the Christmas season. Come down and be involved. This day will bring both festivity and craft items created during KS20 season.


THREE GODDESSES: Carnatic Music, Bharathanatyam and Traditional Story Telling

Date: 30th November (7pm)

Shrikant web

A solo thematic production was premiered by Kala Sangam to celebrate the 20 years of Kala Sangam by the company’s Artistic Associate (dance) Shrikant Subramaniam. This production involved several composite art forms from India: Carnatic music, Bharatanatyam and traditional story telling. While the dancer questions his identity as a male Bharatanatyam dancer on a global stage, it is the 3 Goddesses revolving in his thoughts who help him understand his true identity. This performance was well received and well appreciated by a large gathering of music/dance lovers among the audience.




Kathakali web

Originated from Kerala (south India). This art form brings Hindu epic stories to people through movements, drama, music and narration. The performance will feature world-class artists from south India, from Kalamandalam and Kala Chethena, Kathakali Company set up by Vijayakumar and Barbara Viyajakumar.


IN CONVERSATION: An Open Event Involving Visual Arts, Poet And Music!

Date: 2nd November (3pm-6pm)

BRIAN Lewis web

A key part of this exhibition is the number of artists represented and brought together by Brian Lewis. Poets, musicians and visual artists have been specially commissioned to create new work and thus, the exhibition also extends into a spoken word and poetry event which is ‘In Conversation’.This public Showcase invites artists and poets to share and exchange ideas on the theme of visual arts, poetry and music.



Date: 19th October (6pm)

Chief Guest: Dr. Vyjayanthimala Bali

20th year

We were extremely delighted to commemorate our 20th year by presenting a world cultural extravaganza. A carousal of different sound scapes, variegated rhythms and splendid colours of India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Africa, Spain, Brazil and many more from around the world that captured the hearts of all .



Date: 12th October (10am – 4 pm)


The whole day was jam packed with different fun activities for everyone. IT was a family event and everyone who came took part in dance, visual art workshops and much more. In addition, the event gave them the chance to learn more about new cultures and interact with different people and it was a nice experience for the participants to discover just how much they know about the multi-cultural city of Bradford. Over all it was nice family event.



Date: 5th October (7 pm)


Originating from kerala, South India, this dance style is exclusively performed by women. ‘Mohini’ is a beautiful lady who dances ‘attam’ with wave-like body movements. The theme of the dance is generally ‘sringara’ or love.  Kalasangam present regional dancers Remya Nambiar and Rashmi Sudhir.



Date: 7th September to 7th Dcember


Kalasangam is a center recognised for Arts Awards and our students perform nationally and internationally. We conduct classes in

Dance: Bharathanatyam

Music: Carnatic Vocal, Voilin, Flute, Keyboard

Language: Tamil

keyboard image

Our outreach classes are delivered in collaboration with partners in Scunthrope, Wakefield, Mansfield, Sheffield, Ashton under Lyne and Bolton.



Date: 28th September (6.30 pm)


Produced and directed by Bimal Roy in 1958 starring the great Dilip Kumar and the legendary Vyjayanthimala. This film screening will mark the launch of a new exciting partnership between Kalasangam and Reel Solutions to develop an innovative profile for Asian cinema, providing access, appreciation, understanding and enjoyment to this rich heritage of filmmaking.



Date: Preview 28th September (5pm-6.30pm)

30th September – 31st  December


Waters and Rivers reflects the ethos of ‘sangam’(merging) that ispires Kalasngam’s vision and its work. The exhibition presents a myriad of interpretations by artists at national and international level, inviting the viewer to be part of this confluence.



Date: 21st September (7.30 pm)

Vijay NCEM 2013

Vijay Venkat presented classical Indian Volin accompanied by Barathan Balayogan: the percussion instrument used to accompany South Indian classical music. Post-interval, you would be made more enjoyable by the enchanting performance of Bollywood tunes by Vijay Venkat and fellow musicians. Featuring Vijay Venkat,  composer and multi-instrumentalist trained in Indian classical, western art, jazz styles.



Date: 24th July (1-3pm)


Enjoy the interpretations of the poem of the Bronte sisters by Kalasangam dancers. They use the dance vocabulary of classical Indian dance through mime and expression. Dancers will bring a South Asian twist to the classic literature of the Bronte sister.



Date: 6th July (7pm)


This performance combines the aesthetics of classical-traditional and classical-narrative style of Bharatanatyam. Dancer brought her journey of ‘there’ and ‘here’ and the ‘now’ through strong emotions and body kinesthetics.


Cities in Twilight: Yuresh Sinha

Date: 8th June


The idea of ‘Cities in Twilight’ came when Yuresh noticed that familiar landmarks look very different when balanced on the cusp of twilight, which transformed buildings into magical haloes of light. Such images are very difficult to capture as it the work is influenced by the time and season, which consequently affect the texture of image. These natural and technically un-tampered photographs are almost works of art and simply cannot be replicated even by the photographer himself!


Melodies Concert

Date: 18th May (7pm)


Vijay Venkat presented a classical Indian (Carnatic) Violin concert accompanied by Barathan Balayogan on the Mridangam – the percussion instrument used to accompany South Indian classical music in the first half and played the new concept created by him – ‘Bolly-Jazz’ with the musicians Martin Teshome – Cello, Carlos Uzcatagui – Keyboards and James Yates – Drums, choosing some exciting Indian film songs with improvisations. It was very well received.


Images of Traditional and Contemporary art


Emma Horsfield is a fantasy/ portrait and illustrator who uses lots of colour and a realistic painting style to create unique works of art. She works mainly from imagination and also has a special interest in other cultures and lifestyles. She is particularly drawn to Bollywood and the traditional and contemporary Indian dances and costumes.

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